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Basements are perfect places for mold, especially when the basement is partially or fully underground. In the Northeast United States, the combination of soil temperature, soil water saturation and the lack of lengthy cold winters creates opportunities for mold spores to plant themselves along damp basement walls and floors. Surface cleaning of these areas with common household cleaners is rarely sufficient to curtail mold’s pesky growth, leaving many basements with unpleasant musky odors that are difficult to eliminate.

RDC Restoration approaches basement mold remediation the same way we do all mold contamination. We offer a complete solution that seals basements from current and future mold infestation. Customers and environmentalists rave over the results of our work – clean, sealed, and maintenance-free basements that can be used as mold and mildew free storage space, family rooms and bedrooms.

Mold in Basement

RDC Restoration’s 6 Steps to Effectively Remediate a Basement – Guaranteed Results!

1. Set up negative air pressurization inside the basement, preventing cross contamination.

2. Discard water-damaged and moldy drywall, insulation and other porous materials, where necessary.

2. HEPA vacuum all surfaces, including joist and sub floor framing.

3. Wipe all surfaces, including ductwork, framing and conduits.

4. Sand, scrape or dry ice blast the first layer of affected wood framing. Such agitation techniques will ensure complete source removal of mold spores and their root system from the contaminated wood framing.

5. Wipe all surfaces a second time.

6. Apply a clear anti-microbial wood coating to the newly cleaned wood surfaces.

* RDC utilizes applicators to apply antimicrobial products.

WARNING: There are no fogging techniques presently available that offer quick and convenient silver bullet treatments for remediation of mold in basements. Products may promise quick and easy results, but they have been proven to be ineffective and a waste of money. Put your money to effective use. Call RDC Restoration today to schedule an evaluation of your basement. We will provide a free detailed estimate with easy-to-understand square footage pricing.

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