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RDC Restoration is New Jersey’s leader in home and business restoration services.  With over 20 years experience in Water Damage, Mold Remediation, and Basement Waterproofing for both residential and commercial properties, there is a reason we are New Jersey’s number one choice!

With rapid deployment capabilities throughout the state of New Jersey, we are only minutes away from helping you mitigate your Water, Mold or Fire damage so your home or business can get back to normal.

Whether you’ve just experienced a water leak in your home or office or are facing serious flooding in a basement or warehouse, our team will make sure the restoration process is as smooth as possible.

RDC Restoration is a top residential water damage property restoration company in New Jersey.RDC Restoration is a top residential water damage property restoration company in New Jersey.
RDC Restoration is a top residential water damage property restoration company in New Jersey.RDC Restoration is a top residential water damage property restoration company in New Jersey.

RDC Restoration has helped thousands of customers mitigate water damage and smoke damage by way of our highly trained staff and state-of-the-art equipment. We consult our clients and advise them that damages related to water can accelerate the creation of toxins like mold behind baseboards, floors, walls and roofs within 24 hours of an accident. If you are not sure of the severity of damage, call us for a free telephone evaluation. Mold creates an unsafe environment for you, your children, your employees and your pets- let RDC Restoration stop the spread of Mold for good.

Fires can ignite in practically any environment due to accidents or negligence on someone’s part. Even more unfortunate are the dangers and toxins Fires release into the home or office environment once they’ve been ignited. No matter how small or extensive the Fire damage is, RDC Restoration has assisted numerous residents and businesses in restoring their home or office environment through the removal of Soot and Fire particles. Let RDC Restoration help you restore the missing pieces in a Fire accident so you can recover the home or business environment you’ve worked so hard to establish.

RDC Damage Restoration in NJ: We Dry Most Water Damage in 1 Day!

RDC Restoration can dry most water damaged properties in 1 day without removing any building material like carpet, hardwood floors, and drywall. We do this by using our state of the art heat drying trailer (aquadry). There is no reason for high construction cost or weeks of construction. We can complete the job faster and cheaper. Insurance companies prefer this method of drying for the above reasons.

Fire, Smoke, Fire or Mold Damage? We Test, Clean Up and Restore in New Jersey

Damage restoration comes in many forms, and you’ll need a proven professional, able to respond to any emergency 24 hours a day. New Jersey residents can rely on RDC Restoration to conquer the devastation wrought by fire and smoke, sewage spills, floodwaters and toxic molds. Getting your home and business back on track is what we do because RDC is the damage restoration expert who takes your loss personally. “Satisfaction guaranteed” is not just a slogan to us, because our goal is ensuring a full recovery from any of these types of damage too common in New Jersey. Whether it is testing for toxic black mold or water damage restoration, we’ll respond and complete the job quickly and effectively, because we have the best equipment and our highly trained and experienced technicians make your complete recovery their top priority. Restoring your business or home goes beyond remediation, or remedying the damage, because we keep your health in mind by eradicating any toxins or contaminants.

RDC Leads Pack with Training, Technology and Techniques for Damage Restoration

It’s the combination of highly trained technicians and top-of-the-line tools, that allows RDC to stand apart from other damage restoration specialists in New Jersey. There is no situation too overwhelming or disastrous—flooded basements, sewage-logged carpets or warped flooring—that we cannot resolve and restore to its previous condition, if not better. The real nightmare of damage from fire, flooding or invasion of toxic mold is often what is left behind. You have to clean up before you can restore, and that’s where equipment like our innovative flood extraction system will dry up and remove that muddy water, sewage and gunk, setting the stage for complete damage remediation of your property.

We’re There for You in New Jersey 24-7,Whenever Damage Strikes

Damage restoration is not a nine-to-five business, because fires, floods and sewage spills, like most emergencies, don’t go by the clock. The cleanup and restoration professionals at RDC are keenly aware of the need to respond as quickly as possible, which is key for damage remediation because every minute wasted can mean more loss for your home or business. Tearing out floorboards or extracting mud from carpets, breeding grounds for toxic black mold and other invaders, may be critical in averting additional property loss.  Stemming the damage and then restoring what has been lost are what RDC is about, but we also test for toxic black mold in carpets and elsewhere and then get rid of it.