Hmm are you having health issues? Maybe you still cough every so often and blame Covid or allergies. Never thought it could be a hidden mold issue? Sometimes it’s gut wrenching for us to hear people we know, friends want advice after they have some water damage and not take it. We are often asked for guidance and then basically ignored. Either they don’t want to pay money to remove materials in their home that they know have been damaged, and things maybe dried up naturally and look ok- but honestly the story behind the baseboards and the bottom of the walls, the wood holding the sheet rock on could be covered in debilitating mold and you could have no idea. You do know though that you still cough every so often, another family member always complains of headaches and another is always sluggish. Mold can affect everyone differently and its always the best to explore your health issues with your doctor but it also couldn’t hurt to explore your homes health and have a professional perform a proper mold test through a lab. If it turns out there is an issue you need someone who understands containment and negative air use in a space to remove the mold. Never hire a company who wants to just cover it up. They’re just a hack and honestly probably making the problem worse! Hire a qualified professional such as RDC Restoration! Hire someone willing to explain the process and invest in both yourself and your homes health at the same time!