Hoarding Cleanup New Jersey

Hoarding Cleanup New Jersey is a complicated and sensitive problem that needs to be addressed professionally. When faced with a hoarding cleanup in New Jersey, having professionals assist you will help not only remove the debris and allow a 3rd party to control the removal process and help keep emotions under control, but RDC Restoration can also conduct a mold and mildew spores test to make sure there are no harmful or damaging organisms living under the material removed. If there are state or county officials involved, it’s important to follow the requirements outlined and get the property back to livable condition. RDC Restoration has years of experience helping Hoarders in New Jersey get back to normal living conditions.


Hoarding Cleanup Services in New Jersey include:

  • Free hoarding removal estimate and on site evaluation
  • Pack rat cleaning service
  • Animal feces/urine cleanup and disinfection
  • Odor removal
  • Search and recovery of valuables
  • Packaging and storage or personal belongings
  • Hypodermic needle/syringe recovery and disposal
  • Restoration services to repair damage to the property

We understand that hoarding is a sensitive topic. You may not know how to help your family member, but we do.

Things to look out for in a hoarders home are:

  • Newspapers or mail that have been sitting around for long periods of time
  • Inability to throw anything away, including trash
  • Compulsive shopping with lots of unused new items still in bags
  • Rooms in the home are just places for storage
  • Keeping clothes that are never worn
  • Collection of animals
  • Keeping broken electronics and appliances
  • Hoarder no longer allows visitors into the home
  • Living space is impacted – no place to eat or sleep

If you or someone you know is a in need of hoarding cleanup in New Jersey, RDC Restoration can assist you.