At RDC Restoration, we strongly believe that there is nothing worse than being the victim of a fire, flood, or mold infestation, then being victimized again by a cleanup and repair company that is slow, offers misleading estimates, and charges you even before they have done any work.

That is why RDC Restoration will always offer you a FREE ESTIMATE.

Why should you have to wait to get your life back on track or have to pay to find out what it will ultimately cost to make that happen?


  • A truly free estimate of the cost to repair and replace the damage to your structure.
  • An estimate based on a thorough evaluation of the entire project so there are no surprises once the work begins.
  • An estimate that includes a projected timeframe for completion of the work so you know how quickly life will be back to normal.
  • A 30-day guarantee on our estimate
  • We all know that every project will be different and unique. Some will be faster to complete than others, some will be less expensive. When you are trying to recover after a disaster, the last thing you need is a “one size fits all” estimate that has no bearing on the actual costs or schedule you will experience.

We believe that free estimates are just another part of the process of providing superior quality customer care. They are another example of our dedication to our customers and our commitment to being the best in our industry. Free estimates may not be as innovative or cutting edge as our cleanup technology or restoration techniques, but they may be just as important to providing you the peace of mind you need when cleaning up after a disaster.