At RDC Restoration, we understand the importance of quality. If we are going to put our name on a project, we want to be sure that it meets or exceeds our clients’ expectations. To achieve those goals, we have a quality control process that is a lot different than our competitors’.

Doing work over is costly time-consuming, so we use continuous quality checks to ensure the project is proceeding correctly. As part of that process, we:

  • Constantly check the quality of the work and the materials.
  • Adhere to the most rigid building codes, typically exceeding minimum requirements.
  • Discard any materials that appear to be defective or low quality. And, thanks to the size of our operation and our clout with material suppliers, we are able to have the supplier refund the cost of such defective materials so you do not have to pay for them.
  • Monitor customer interaction to ensure the least disruption of your life and the highest levels of courtesy and professionalism.

For the competition, quality control is really just a matter of making sure that the minimum standards have been met so you cannot sue them when they are done. In our minds, that is just wrong. RDC Restoration wants to be a different kind of company. That is why our quality control is geared toward achieving the highest standards of quality and service to guarantee you the best results possible.

Complete satisfaction is a difficult goal to achieve, yet it is exactly the objective we set for ourselves on every single project. To us, that means a commitment to quality materials, superior cleanup, outstanding installation, and industry leading customer service. It means taking buildings that were built to reasonable standards before a fire, flood, or mold infestation, and leaving them in even better condition when we are done. It means keeping all of our technicians trained in the latest techniques and equipped with the most advanced tools in the industry.

Everything we do is a deliberate part of our plan to bring you the very best results every time. And, that really means something when you consider that we are one of the few companies to offer our services all day, every day, even on holidays, and guarantee we will arrive within 30 minutes. That takes a level of commitment other companies simply cannot match.

With RDC Restoration, you get the most well-trained and experienced technicians, the best materials, the newest and most effective tools, the most advanced techniques, and the strongest commitment of any company to your total and complete satisfaction. Your project will be delivered in the best possible condition to your total satisfaction and free of defects every time. When you entrust your home or business to RDC Restoration, you know the job will be done fast, right, and affordably every time.