Sewage Cleanup NJ

Sewage cleanup NJ isn’t the most fun topic to talk about, but it is a serious matter and it must be handled professionally. RDC Restoration’s sewage cleanup teams are experts at decontamination, sewage water removal and recovery efforts.

Proper sewage cleanup requires an understanding of the severe hazards that water in sewer pipes contain. Just because you do not see obvious signs of human waste, it is most likely there, and so are the microorganisms that can cause very serious illness to both humans and pets alike. All it takes is a splash in the eye, or for a small cut on your finger to be exposed to the contaminated sewer water to catch an infection.

Did you know that you even need sewage cleanup if you have suffered a natural flood – such as a river or stream overflowing its banks. A river or stream has been picking up contaminants and waste as it traveled out of its banks, and through various sewers. Animal waste is as dangerous as human effluent and can have serious long term effects. In addition to the more obvious damage, moisture which seeps into floorboards, framing, wooden trim and other components can go on causing problems for weeks or even months. If that unseen moisture contains contaminants, the problem of hidden moisture multiplies. RDC Restoration’s sewage cleanup NJ team understands the importance of proper sewage mitigation, and we work to ensure your issues are taken care of right the first time.

Our sewage cleanup NJ teams understand the importance of a fast response, and we are always available on an emergency basis no matter what time it is. You’ll see that we work safely but efficiently to remove any standing water or waste, and use steam cleaning, detergents and antibiotic formulas to eliminate health hazards. At RDC Restoration, our sewage cleanup team takes the time to make sure our solutions are permanent.

RDC Restoration Sewage Mitigation NJ includes:

  • The initial containment process
  • The removal of sewage, water and organic matter
  • A thorough decontamination and disinfecting process of the salvageable building portions
  • Complete disposal of contaminated and  porous materials
  • Coordination of structural dry out

When you choose RDC Restoration  for your sewage cleanup needs, you’re choosing a company that’s dedicated to providing a simple, hassle free experience.