A satisfied customer is the best advertising. That is what we believe at RDC Restoration. Sure, you will see our trucks around town, but the real core of our marketing is making sure that our work is done so well that our customers tell everyone they know about us.

In the modern age we live in, it may seem odd to want our customers to be the primary source of new business for us, but that is part of our commitment to customer care. We believe that if we consistently deliver the best service, the highest quality of workmanship, and the fastest response times in the industry, that our customers will be all the advertising we will ever need.

In fact, our entire business model is based on satisfying you. While we hope our customers never experience disasters like fire, flood, or mold infestations again after we are finished, we believe that their loyalty will help drive our growth. Sustaining a loyal base of satisfied customers is hard to do, but it is the entire focus of our efforts, and our loyalty to the customer is rewarded every time they tell a friend, co-worker, or family member in need about our services.

But, that kind of loyalty is not earned overnight. We have worked for many years cultivating a business that puts the client’s needs first. That is why we offer our 24 hour a day, 365 days a year 30-minute response time. It is also why we have the best trained and most courteous technicians in the industry today. We will constantly strive to improve our levels of service and performance for you, because we know that you are the reason our business exists and has flourished.

We will always be ready to offer helpful advice, guidance, and support throughout the cleanup and restoration process. In any market, and especially one as competitive as disaster cleanup and restoration, customer care should always be job one. That is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee: we will not call the job complete until the customer is totally happy with the work and the service he or she has received.

At RDC Restoration, we are not just re-building people’s homes and businesses. We are building relationships that last. Those are often much harder to maintain, but our success shows that our team is always equipped to handle the job along with all of your post-disaster cleanup and restoration needs.