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At RDC Restoration of  Strathmore New Jersey 07747 we know that when you experience a flood, it is never a good time of your life, whether it happens from a storm, a broken pipe, sewage backup, or a sink that’s just been clogged and has overflowed, whichever the case all of these situations have one thing in common; there is no time to waste, you need a professional Water Extraction, Clean Up, and Restoration Company!

Your property needs to have a thorough water extraction done as soon as possible because the longer water stays in your property, the more problems you will face, such as the growth of mold and the water rotting the wood in between the foundations of the house, or anywhere else.  Aside from being a health hazard, it can damage the integrity and infrastructure of your home. Don't delay call us at the first sight of water..

CALL 24/7 (908) 253-9000

Always remember that it’s much better to trust in a professional Water Extraction Restoration Service such as RDC Restoration in Strathmore New Jersey 07747, we come equipped with commercial-grade heavy-duty water removal units. Don't wait until it gets worse more problems can arise, such as the growth of mold and the water warping floors. Call us at the first onset of water to come up with a plan of action (908) 253-9000.

Our NORMI Certified professional technicians know that stopping the water doesn’t stop the damage from continuing. Our Water Extraction Cleaning Company has the training and knowledge to assess water damage, thoroughly extract it, and dry it out completely.  At RDC Restoration in Strathmore New Jersey 07747 we use specially designed probes and electronic moisture meters to detect the presence of moisture within a wall or underneath carpeting without serious demolition or disturbance to the surface.

Our experts at RDC Restoration in Strathmore New Jersey 07747 are trained and experienced with the different types of water that can accumulate and after successfully removing the bulk of water from your home you will be amazed at our drying capabilities. Do consider calling us immediately to help assist in the water cleanup efforts (908) 253-9000.