About RDC Restoration

RDC Restoration is New Jersey’s leader in home and business restoration services. With over 20 years of experience in Water Damage, Mold Remediation, and Basement Waterproofing for both residential and commercial properties, there is a reason we are New Jersey’s number one choice!

With rapid deployment capabilities throughout the state of New Jersey, we are the only Water Damage Restoration Company near you that is minutes away from helping you mitigate your Water, Mold or Fire damage so your home or business can get back to normal.

It can be as small as a leaking faucet or as catastrophic as a flood. Regardless of the source, water damage wreaks havoc on your home’s walls, floors, and furniture. Without an immediate response to water damage restoration in New Jersey from RDC Restoration, your family is susceptible to electrical hazards and disease-spreading mold. Don’t let yourself run the risk of growing ill or getting electrocuted! RDC Restoration can start water damage restoration services immediately, removing all potential risks and drying out affected areas.

Get help from the experts at RDC Restoration in New Jersey to determine the extent of the water damage in your home. We can handle any size of water breach, from sewage backup to storm flooding.

RDC Restoration conducts New Jersey water removal from your home with submersible pumps and industrial vacuums that are the most advanced in the industry. A series of powerful drying fans are then placed around your home to increase airflow and ensure complete elimination of wetness. It’s our goal to remove every excess ounce of moisture as quickly as possible in order to reduce the risk for mold and baseboard warping.

Once we confirm that your home is dry again, our New Jersey home restoration and mold remediation experts can also repair any lasting damage. There’s no need to call a contractor for water damage restoration in New Jersey when RDC Restoration offers comprehensive recovery options for every kind of disaster.

If you’re in Northern New Jersey, or the surrounding area and your home is flooded or inundated with water, it’s time to call the water damage experts at RDC Restoration: 908-253-9000.