Water Removal Services NJ

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When floods, thunderstorms, snowstorms and other water emergencies strike, the key to mitigating losses lies in the speed and efficiency of your response of your water removal services NJ team. Water must be quickly extracted, buildings and contents need to be immediately dried and dehumidified, and contaminated items need to be sanitized from their exposure to sewage and other water-borne toxins. In as little as two days, without the proper Water Removal services company, inadequate support from contractors without specialized equipment and processes can foster the onset of dangerous mold, mildew, and bacteria.

Water Extraction

RDC Restoration is an expert Water Removal services in NJ  and has been mitigating water/moisture damage to buildings, documents, computers, equipment and industrial machinery for two decades. Our water removal experts move quickly to cover, board up and repair property damage to eliminate further exposure to the elements. Then, as a certified and licensed microbial remediation contractor, our approach to the drying and dehumidification of buildings and contents goes to great lengths to thoroughly clean, sanitize and mitigate the onset of secondary mold and mildew. In the unfortunate event that mold growth is already present, our state-of-the-art mold containment and cleaning processes eliminate the risk of exposure and the further spread of airborne mold spores. Our projects are never complete until appropriate humidity levels are sustained throughout your structure and anti-microbial solutions have been applied. To learn more about or services, please contact us here.