Structural Drying Company NJ

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Structural Drying Company NJ

A pipe bursts and floods your home with water, soaking the walls and floors, everything’s a mess. You acted quickly and had someone stop further water from coming in, or turned off the water entering the house, but now what?

How much more damage can be caused by the water already in your home? Where has that water gone? What about deadly mold and mildew? RDC Restoration specializes in structural drying, when minutes make all the difference, we will be there help!

You can rely on New Jersey’s leading Structural Drying Company,  RDC Restoration to respond immediately, quickly returning your structure back to its pre loss condition. A properly dried structure is a healthy structure, improper drying efforts can result in secondary damages such as water staining, odors, mold growth, and compromised structural integrity. RDC Restoration protects against secondary damages and ensures accuracy and efficiency during the drying process. We will provide you a level of confidence that only RDC Restoration can provide.

Water Damage Repair

When your home or business has experienced water damage, it needs to be dried out completely and quickly by a professional Structural Drying Company with expertise in structural drying. Loss mitigation and further damage to your home is a very time sensitive and critical task that needs attention now by an expert. Damage to your home or business doesn’t stop when the water does.

It is important that RDC Restoration help in the structural drying and mitigation process fast! We understand structural drying and what damaged materials need to be extracted, and what can be dried in place. Our structural drying experts will understand what openings may need to be made so internal areas can be exposed and dried. RDC Restoration will mobilize the correct and sufficient turbo air movers, high velocity fans, dehumidifiers, and knowledge to start drying out your property quickly, preventing further damage.

Damage from water can be progressive and not addressing it fast and efficiently, can cause more problems, some of which may not be apparent for months. Did you know that even unharmed areas can soak in water from the humidity in the air, causing mold and mildew growth? Structural drying and mitigation is one of the first and most important steps after water damage.

Water in the property can continue to cause further damage by mildew and rot and spreading into other areas, don’t waste another moment, and call RDC Restoration for your structural drying today!