Portable Power Equipment Rentals NJ

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Portable Power Equipment Rentals NJ

No Power? No Problem!

RDC Restoration’s Portable Power Equipment Rentals NJ can offer solutions for power needs of all sizes and scopes. We focus on delivering precisely what each client needs, when they need it. RDC Restoration is a highly specialized provider of emergency power rental. We offer a variety of rental power generation, distribution applications and generator systems. RDC Restoration offers generators ranging in size from 36 KW to 1750 KW. Super Restoration provides portable power for both planned projects and emergency response.

When you need us, we will be there:
  • An immediate need due to equipment failure
  • Special projects where temporary equipment is required
  • Future need due to potential equipment failure (i.e. Contingency Plan)
  • Planned future outage of equipment
  • Lack of capital to purchase equipment


We offer:
  • Trailer mounted generators
  • Electrical distribution boxes
  • Temporary lighting
  • Emergency electrical services
  • Fuel delivery

Contact RDC Restoration for all of your Portable Power Equipment Rental needs here.