Portable Air Conditioning Rental NJ

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Portable Air Conditioning Rental NJ

Keeping you Cool, Super Cool!

RDC Restoration has the right portable air conditioning rental solution for your cooling needs. We specialize in spot cooling for any temporary solution. We have the largest inventory available when you need it! Our units range from 1- 25 tons and can be utilized for both commercial and residential applications. Add to your existing cooling capacity with portable air conditioning units that can be placed almost anywhere. Let our expert staff help you in determining the necessary cooling equipment for your property.

Our units will run…

  • Quietly : Runs smoothly without significantly adding to industrial background noise by operating at office-acceptable sound levels.
  • Effectively : Delivers full performance at a wide range of temperatures and altitudes with a thermostatic expansion valve-not found on ordinary units. This valve automatically adjusts to the environment, functioning day-after-day, year-after-year regardless of conditions.
  • Efficiently : Just plug in and cool. Our units draw the least amount of amperage on a per-ton basis when compared to similar units.

Why spend another second warm? Call now RDC Restoration now or contact us here.