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Document Restoration Company NJ

Document restoration is the recovery and restoration of water-damaged books, documents, magnetic and micrographic media. We use the latest equipment, technology and methods to achieve consistent, superior results. Whether your documents were damaged from flood, rain, water damage or fire damage, our state-of-the-art facilities and our On-Site disaster recovery experts are ready to serve you.

RDC Restoration offers a variety of the most advanced techniques for document restoration after water damage, including: desiccant drying, desiccant drying under refrigeration, and freeze-drying. Our consultants will help you decide on the most cost-effective approach to restoration. RDC Restoration is uniquely prepared to handle any emergency.

Where possible, our aim is to recover the original document and all of the information it contains, and return it in a stable, safe to handle condition, ready for immediate use.


Recovery of water and smoke affected documentation, books, drawings, photographs, films, magnetic storage media and artwork.

Why Should I Restore Documents?

Many companies hard-copy information is still required to be retained by law.

  • Law firm document restoration
  • Medical office/ Doctors office document restoration
  • Government document restoration
  • Non-profit document restoration

There may be no alternative to restoration for signed documents, legal files, etc, where a copy or duplicate is inadequate.

Loss of critical information can lead to major disruption or even failure of a business – most companies that lose 60% of their information go out of business within 6 months.

If water affected documents are left untreated, pages will bond together, mold growth will destroy information, and health risks will be present when handling, due to the release of mold spores (and also bacterial or viral infection if black or grey water was involved).

Untreated fire and smoke affected documents may become embrittled due to the action of acidic residues in the smoke, and will continue to contaminate the environment they are kept in (and the person handling them) with smoke and odor.