Mold Testing Company Berkeley Heights NJ

Having top mold testing company in Berkeley Heights quickly and safely remove mold is important to your family's health. Our skilled techs will identify the molds overall condition and see if lab testing is needed in your particular situation.

Top Mold Inspection Company | Watchung NJ

Mold is potentially dangerous and Watchung NJ mold can be a real problem. If not properly cleaned and dried out, water damage almost always leads to a mold issue. Mold has been linked with cancer as well as other neurological damages. Having top mold inspection company quickly and safely remove mold is important to your family's health.

Basement Flood in Short Hills NJ

Basement Flood Short Hills New Jersey If your basement flooded in Short Hills New Jersey, you have reached the right place. RDC Restoration is an expert in water damage removal and efficiently drying basements after a flood. Open 24 hours a day, we always have a restoration team on call for residents of Short Hills and Millburn, NJ. Basement Floods can happen for a variety of reasons: inclement weather, a leaky faucet, a cracked pipe, or a leak that began on another floor in your Short Hills home. We know that seeing inches of water on your basement floor is not something you want to deal with for a long time- luckily, we see it every week so we know what needs to be done to properly remove water from your basement FAST! RDC Restorations basement flood cleanup team can quickly remove any water that has leaked and we can also repair any damaged areas that have been affected by the water damage. Basement Flood Short Hills New Jersey   Water damage in a basement needs to be tended to right away and every minute counts. As the water sits, it is seeping into your floorboards, your drywall and other parts of your basement. RDC Restoration has state-of-the-art equipment to quickly fix your basement flood problem and we are open 24 hours a day. Call us now to speak to a basement flood expert to guide you in the right direction on next steps at (908)253-9000 We answer all calls, 24 hours a day and will dispatch a basement flood restoration crew on the spot.  Our flood damage teams are located throughout New Jersey and we have a crew that only serves the Short Hills/ [...]