Best Basement Waterproofing Products Available

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Six Great Reasons to Choose Us

  1. Quality Products: RDC Restorations Basement Technologies team  has been installing patented, award-winning products for more than 30 years.
  2. Fast Installations: Our system installs quickly in your home, with most complete installations taking one or two days.
  3. Experienced Crews: A crew of experienced workers will arrive to install your system quickly and professionally. Each one is a waterproofing specialist who dries basements every day.
  4. A Cost-Effective System: Our basement waterproofing system can be customized to fit your budget, and it costs about half as much as an exterior waterproofing system.
  5. Locally Owned And Operated: We are family owned and operated. We are available when you need us 24/7/365!
  6. Free Waterproofing Quotes: We offer free waterproofing quotes to homeowners in our service area. Our quotes come in writing, and there’s no obligation!

There are five ways water can enter your basement and every basement is different. RDC Restorations basement waterproofing experts assess each home and will recommend the most cost effective solution to solve your water problem in your basement. Being a family-run, referral driven business for almost two decades, RDC Restorations clients trust us to have their biggest investment protected the right way. Below you will find some of the technologies that we will use to waterproof your basement.



Basement Crawl Space Solutions


Dirt crawl spaces are common in many homes and present unique problems for the homeowner.  Dirt inside the home transmits humidity, odors and radon gas.  It also provides rodents and insects an easy path into the upper living portions of the home.  The humidity and dampness that is inherent in crawl spaces can also cause structural damage to the wood framing, carpets, floors and walls.  This environment is a breeding ground for mold and mildew, all of which present a real problem. he homeowner might consider pouring concrete over the crawl space floor, but in a post construction setting this is often unrealistic and impractical. The cost effective SOLUTION … Basement Technologies’ CRAWL SPACE CONDUIT™ A Proven EPA Sealing and Encapsulation Method The Environmental Protection Agency taught radon professions to install a barrier on the floor and up the walls of dirt crawl spaces to “encapsulate” the dirt area.  Basement Technologies has done radon mitigation for years and strongly agrees with the EPA and utilizes this method of crawl space encapsulation as a cure for water, dirt and insects as well as stopping Radon Gas.  The method virtually seals the crawl space from the outside. Home airflow mechanics, called the “whole house effect”, is the natural airflow, which travels towards the roof, creating a suction type effect on the crawl space dirt.  This process will cause dampness and humidity.  It also provides rodents and insects an easy path into the upper living portion of the home.  The Crawl Space Conduit™ will reduce humidity and possible mold growth throughout the home.  It can also help dry up wood and floor structural framing.  Basement Technologies has designed a solution to the dirt crawl space problem. The Crawl Space Conduit™ will reduce heating and cooling costs.  Our Crawl Space Conduit™ is a concrete floor replacement when concrete is unrealistic in a post construction setting.  Basement Technologies offers two (2) types of crawl space coverings.  Please ask your Basement Technologies representative for samples to see which one you prefer, Crawl Space Conduit I™ or Crawl Space Conduit II™.

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The Grabber Bulldog


Basement Technologies is proud to introduce our revolutionary new Water Grabber® – the “Bull Dog™”!Our unique patent pending sump pump system represents an innovative alternative in the basement water proofing industry.  Basement Technologies’ research and development department continues to “think outside the box” or in this case “Inside the Box” and as a result…the new Water Grabber® “Bull Dog™”!

Most of you are familiar with the old circular design that other waterproofing companies are content to use.  Once again, Basement Technologies has proven that to be a leader in the business, one must continually improve old products and introduce more efficient new ones.

The circular pump liner that other waterproofing companies continue to use is simply not aesthetically pleasing and effective…Our answer to this out-of-style look and function is the “Bull Dog™”.

Your basement was built level, plumb and square – not circular.  Historically, a sump pump is located on a straight wall or in a corner.  Doesn’t it make sense to install a sump pump that fits snugly and attractively in your basement and emulates the building product look? – not a sump pump look!

The most effective waterproofing systems are installed on the inside of the home. When the interior drainage systems are installed, they need a central ejection device-a way to get the water to the outside of the home. Our patent pending Water Grabber® Bull Dog™ is the heart and lungs of our Water Trek Aqua Route® perimeter system. The Water Grabber Bull Dog consists of a patent pending drilled polyethylene basin with a split lid. We use 3/4″ gravel to surround the basin to help filter the water.

We install our alarm, The Grabber Pal II, in the basin to alert you if the pump has a mechanical problem or was unplugged accidentally, which can cause a flood. This alarm is float activated and far superior to sensor type alarms which other companies carry. We use a special rubber fitting called “The Silencer” over or under the lid dependent on a side discharge or top discharge to hush the already quiet pump.
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The Water Grabber Ranger


Over the years Basement Technologies has recognized an unforeseen potential problem…a plumbing pipe burst or leak.  Our waterproofing systems will solve any ground water problem – but what about a broken plumbing pipe?  Our Water Grabber® Bull Dogs™ come with a sealed lid so gas and bugs do not get out, and kids cannot get in.

To solve an unforeseen plumbing problem we are now installing a specialty drain in front of each of our Water Grabber® Bull Dog™ installations.  The drain will be countersunk into the concrete in front of the Water Grabber® Bull Dog™ sump pump.  This special drain will not let gas or bugs into the living space and, at the same time, protect your basement from potential pipe bursts.

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Fieldstone Conduit


Homeowners may consider tearing out their fieldstone walls due to frustrations associated with water, mold, dirt, odors, pests and rodents.  In older colonial homes, it was common to dig out the basement and install stone walls.  Older homes offer old world charm and craftsmanship with a high market elevation.  The problem in any of these homes is the basement walls.  The basements are usually unsightly, wet, damp and moldy.  It makes little economic sense to tear down the home and redo the foundation and floor.  Fieldstone walls have joints and cracks where the mortar (concrete) was installed to join the stones.  Water, air, rodents and insects can get through these cracks.  Basement Technologies’ Fieldstone Wall Conduit™ solves the problem permanently and cost effectively.  Our solution seals all the problems out and effectively creates a new living space, free of insects, dirt, rodents and water.  The Fieldstone Wall Conduit™ is best used in conjunction with a full perimeter basement waterproofing system such as the Water Trek Aqua Route®.

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Hot water heater tanks can “let go” every 5 – 10 years and when this happens, the water damage can be devastating. The entire basement gets flooded, ruining all your contents and possessions. Basement Technologies to create the best basement waterproofing solutions while continually striving to eliminate potential water problems in the basement. In doing so, Basement Technologies has developed theTank Pro, a hot water tank protector that will stop this damage from occurring by routing the escaping water from the tank and channeling it to your perimeter Water Trek Aqua Route system and Water Grabber Bull Dog.

The exclusive design of our patented product allows it to be installed around hot water tanks, washing machines, well water tanks or any other water holding device in the basement. So if a disaster happens with a hot water tank, the water will be contained and brought to your sub floor system on the perimeter wall and not flood your basement.

Any device which holds water is able to “let go”. When this happens, the Tank Pro is able to contain the water and drain it into your Water Trek Aqua Route system. This can save you potentially thousands of dollars in water damage repairs.

Washing machines, hot water tanks, water purifiers, etc. can all be protected. Protect your basement from unexpected hot water tank breaks.

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Basement Technologies has been using polyurethane and epoxy injection for years. Although these types of injections usually work, problems could develop over time. Concrete wall and soil expand and contract, therefore, generating the need for further repair. These methods did not meet Basement Technologies’ standards.Basement Technologies reputation was too important to use such product alone. We developed a method that was “fool proof”. The Techni-Crack™ method is here and now available. The Hydrophobic compound applied to the back of the membrane repels any water quickly, and efficiency directs it to the system below. It has proven to be one infallible method available on the market today.

Inventing a better method to seal cracks in poured foundation walls, that would not require repair work every few years, was important to Basement Technologies R&D Division. The resulting process and product simply works better. The primary “seal” during the process works alone, yet with the addition of theTechni-Crack™ Hydrophobic Membrane, homeowners can be assured they have a worry free solution solution in place. For real problem cracks, as an added “peace of mind”, Basement Technologies can do a polyurethane injection into the crack prior to installation of the Techni-Crack™ Hydrophobic Membrane.

For Protection with a warranty, our Techni-Crack™ serves as a life long basement waterproofing and crawl space waterproofing solution. After many years, due to concrete shrinking, swalling and settling, there is a chance that a small leak may occur. With the Techni-Crack™ application, this problem is resolved.

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The Baseboard


The Baseboard Aqua Route® System was developed by Basement Technologies to address specialty floors with very thick, fiber reinforced, rebar or monolithically poured flours. The Baseboard Aqua Route® System is the perfect solution to a water problem in those specific floor configurations, as long as there are no leaking floor cracks or holes in the middle of the floor.

Most basement water seepage comes from the floor wall joint. Water pressure will build over the dig area by the foundation wall. Water in this over dig area creates pressure where the foundation footing meets the foundation wall. Water seeks the least point of resistance and therefore will come in the joint over the footing and under the foundation wall and then straight up where the floor meets the wall. This is particularly true if there are no floor cracks or penetrations in the cement floor in the basement.

The Baseboard Aqua Route® System is made out of a ridged polyvinyl chloride colored gray to closely match the concrete on the floor and the foundation wall. A special two-part epoxy is applied to the bottom of Baseboard Aqua Route® to secure permanently to the concrete floor. This seal is guaranteed for the lifetime of the structure and is transferable upon sale. The preparation process is critical: scarfire the concrete and then sanitize the floor …thus making the seal virtually impossible to penetrate. Holes are drilled at the floor wall joint. If it is a poured foundation wall, holes are drilled through the foundation at a 45-degree angle downward to the footing. These holes allow the water that is coming in over the footing to move upward into the back of the Baseboard Aqua Route® system acting as a “gutter” to remove the water into the Baseboard Aqua Route® towards the pump. If there is a block wall, holes are drilled directly into the block. Special connectors adhere each 8 ft. piece of theBaseboard Aqua Route®, inside and outside corners are cut and then 1-1/2’’ PVC is used to drain from the Baseboard Aqua Route® into the sump pump.

This system comes with a lifetime structure warranty … and quite simply … it works. A baseboard design has been in use for over 30 years. Basement Technologies has been using this system for over 20 years and the unique mold and design was made exclusively forBasement Technologies.

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Floor Grate


Basement Technologies’ patent pending floor grate is installed on the inside of the bulkhead and garage doors.  Designed to catch and divert water from the exterior of the bulkhead or driveway and route it to the interior sub-floor system.  The design insures water will not get on the floor inside the basement or garage. The Floor Grate™ is installed with our patented Water Trek Aqua Route® and our patent pending Water Grabber ®Bull Dog™ sump pump system.

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Water Trek Aqua Route


Your “Peace of mind” Water Trek Aqua Route® system will be designed and engineered by aBasement Technologies Technician and installed by a fully trained Basement Technologies Installation Team.  Basement Technologies has and continues to install our patented Water Trek Aqua Route® basement waterproofing system in thousands of homes throughout North America.

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Cove Base


Each home and basement is different…and as a result RDC Restoration Basement Technologies offers various Cove Base® designs that can accommodate your specific basement contour.

Basement Technologies Cove Base® is an integral part of the Water Trek Aqua Route®two-piece basement waterproofing system. The various Cove Base® designs can hug a wall and channel water from the wall to the sub-floor Water Trek Aqua Route® system.

It can create a virtual airtight fit on most if not all foundations thus eliminating potential radon gas, sub-floor smells or insects from entering the living space. At the same time it enables water from above (on the wall) to drain into the Water Trek Aqua Route® system under the floor.

The various Cove Base® designs can be applied on any footing configuration and are easily adaptable to all sub-floor conditions. The slots on the bottom allow water from the footing to pass to the Water Trek Aqua Route® system.

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